AFG’s Dealer Spotlight

Dealer Spotlight

David Zantop
General Manager
Autoflex Leasing

“The AFG Pre-Owned Vehicle Hot Sheet offers me a reference on what vehicles to acquire to sell on the balloon loan program. On a daily basis, I rely on AFG’s Dealer Inventory Download (DID) tool as a go-to reference. I can guide the sales team on which vehicles we have in-stock which work well on the balloon loan program and can generate vehicle calculator quotes in seconds. Best of all, AFG provides this tool at no costs.”

Kevin Wood
General Manager
Riata Ford

“We would love to average $25,000 price of a car. Now they are closer to $35,000 to $40,000. And the customer has great credit, intermediate credit or marginal credit, all ask for the same thing. They want a great payment. So the AFG program gives us a viable opportunity to sell more expensive cars at a payment just like a less expensive car and be able to retain that customer.”

Warfa Isse
General Sales Manager
Koons Tysons Toyota

“I have a great story for you… Saturday afternoon, I had a deal blowing out of finance over monthly payment. We couldn’t get to his payment even at the longest term possible. Wanted to be under $500/month and it just wouldn’t work. The customer was leaving the dealership when I got wind of it. I immediately went to the customer and asked him to come sit down with me for a few minutes in the office. After explaining the payment saver program to him, he called his wife. He even used the word ‘balloon’ when talking to her even though I didn’t. Long story short, I was able to turn a $200 flat that he was ready to walk away from to a $2500 backend and a happy customer! I LOVE this program and I will make sure it is a staple at our dealership! I’ve made 5 more deals out of nowhere using it and all profitable.”

Thanks again so much!

Jeremie Hoyt
Finance Manager
Royal Auto

“We have been using the AFG program in our stores for over 6 years and have great success. I would highly recommend the company and their product to anyone. Their program is a great way to be able to put your customer into the vehicle they want and a payment they can afford. The staff at AFG is always professional and friendly to deal with and get you answers to your questions/issues immediately. And my rep John Chandler is always there no matter if it is daytime, evening or even on the weekend to get me an answer.”

Charles Albrecht Sr
General Manager
Nemer Motor Group

“Thank you for bringing the AFG program to our stores. This has enabled us to have options for our customers to own a higher priced vehicle that they did not think would fit into their monthly budgets. This program has increased the front and back end profits on our Preowned vehicles and the new vehicles that do not have a great leasing option.”

Mike Jensen
President and General Manager
Joe Cecconi’s Chrysler Complex

“We’ve been using AFG for over a decade. We’ve delivered literally thousands of new and used vehicle customers through your program during that time, and you’ve always been there for us. It allows customers to take advantage of the lower payment options usually associated with leasing, while still maintaining ownership of their vehicle. The staff is always great to work with, we really can’t say enough good things about your program and your people. Thanks, AFG!”

Ronnie Harrington
Finance Manager
Royal Ford

“A discussion between dealership co-workers about a recent sales transaction revealed some awareness worth sharing.  It was assumed the customer was closed at longest term of 96 months to get the lowest monthly payment. As it turned out, the payment was for the AFG Auto Advantage loan for a 72-month term saving the borrower two years on term and overall, and a lower monthly payment.

We can put the borrowers in a better position using the AFG program. It offers the borrower a lower monthly payment and puts them in a possible better position if they wanted to trade the vehicle in prior to maturity.”

Leslie Hansen
Finance Director
McDonald Auto Group

“I highly recommend having a partnership with Auto Financial Group.

For many years, McDonald Auto Group and I have been using the AFG program with Frankenmuth Credit Union’s Driving Sense.  The portals that AFG has created for each of our dealerships are easy to navigate.  The submission of information is straightforward and printing of the documents uncomplicated. We have greatly benefited from this partnership by putting together deals that didn’t work on a standard retail contract or a standard lease.

Just recently, we partnered with Michigan United Credit Union and their lease program.  Although there were multiple credit union lease options to use, our decision to use this particular credit union was solely based on the fact that they used AFG for their guaranteed values and the excellent AFG dealer support that was provided.

The excellent training provided by AFG was a win for the lease program with all five of my stores including finance managers and office staff.  Almost immediately, our Chevrolet store was able to pick up 4 additional sales because of the AFG guaranteed values that beat any manufacturers residual and payment. Auto Financial Group has proven to be an excellent partner for us and an important part of our sales and customer retention strategy at McDonald Auto Group. AFG would be a tremendous asset to any dealership looking to pick up additional sales by offering unique options to their customers.  AFG has my highest recommendation.”

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