Leasing Program

Vehicle Financing Trends

Borrowers who turn to leasing instead of extending terms as a way to achieve a more affordable monthly payment are finding that many captive lenders are pulling back on lease options and incentives since demand for vehicles has been so high. For credit unions focused on serving their members’ best financial interest, this is the right time to participate in and take advantage of this market opportunity with leasing, which allows credit unions to provide a low monthly payment alternative to their members.

AFG Leasing Program Benefits

AFG now offers vehicle leasing in select states in addition to our very popular walk-away balloon loan program. Leasing makes more sense for consumers in some states, because sales tax laws are more favorable to leasing, and because manufacturers are willing to offer big incentives to people who lease.

AFG takes 100% of the residual value risk
The AFG Leasing Program is available for new and up to five year old vehicles
AFG manages the entire end of term process
AFG handles tax renditions and insurance tracking

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